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The world of Fashion, TV and Music are of course ever changing ones, and that is why we have launched the Project D Online blog site. Within the pages of this site you are going to find a whole host of up to date information on all of those topics which we know will be of interest to you.

As this is such a large and growing site which is updated daily, please do have to look around at any of the following topics and sections to this site where you will find all of the latest news stories from the world of Music, Television and of course Fashion!

Fashion Updates – We know that a huge percentage of our website visitors are keenly interested in fashion and we therefore have put together a range of up to the minute news stories and updates that will allow you to keep up with that very interesting of environments.

TV Shows – If you find yourself eagerly glued to your television sets at a certain time of the day or week then you probably are addicted to one of the many popular TV shows, and if so and want all of the insider gossip on your favourite TV shows then this section to our website is where you should be heading next!

Music Industry – The music industry is a fun, exiting yet ever changing environment, and over the years there have been many one hit wonders and also lots of solo artists who have stood the test of time. If you have a very keen interest in the music industry as a whole, then we have a wide variety of different articles that you will be interested in reading!

Award Ceremonies – There are several annual award ceremonies taking place all over the world throughout each year in which those fashion houses and designers get the recognition they truly deserve, and in this part of our website we take a look at the most recent award winners.

Fashion Press – If you are looking around for some more sources of information in regards to the ever changing world of fashion then we have a complete directory of all of the printed press publications that you should be subscribing to!

Celebrity News – There are always going to be celebrities who start dating or slip up with their partners and also plenty of celebrities that simply cannot behave themselves or get up to all kinds of mischief and are never thinking straight when going on social media!

With that in mind you are certainly going to enjoy reading through our range of celebrity news stories, and as such do make sure you have a good look through that section of our site for there will always be some tasty bits of news and gossip for you when you do so!