Digital Radio Stations

There has been something of a major push in the UK recently to get people to switch over to using Digital Radios, and one of the major advantages of doing so is that you are going to find the quality of the music and sound on those radios is crystal clear.

If you are thinking of buying a new Digital Radio then you may be wondering which radio stations are going to be available on them in addition of course to all of the BBC owned stations. With that in mind below we have listed some of the most popular and most listened to commercial stations that can be found broadcasting on the digital airwaves.

Absolute Classic Rock – One station that is certainly going to appeal to everyone with an interest in classic rock is this station. You are going to be able to hear it being broadcast all across the UK and much like every other digital radio station it is available 24 hours a day.

Absolute Radio 90s – This digital radio station as the name suggests is committed to bringing you all of the best music from the decade that was the 1990’s, so if you have a liking for music from that decade then tune in and get tapping your foot and singing out loud!

Capital – There is a very good mix of music being play on Capital, and their DJ’s are some of the best known ones in the business, and as such if you like your music and your banter then this will be one station we would suggest you tune into and listen to!

Gold – One of the most listened to digital radio stations that covers the entire UK and beyond is Gold, they play a nonstop mix of classic hits and have plenty of well known and very established presenters hosting each of their many shows each day.

Heat Radio – If you enjoy listening to music from the 80s, 90s, 00s and also enjoy listening to current pop music then one digital station that will certainly be right up your street is Heat Radio, whilst not one of the top five listened to digital radio stations their mix of music really will appeal to a lot of listeners, so give them a try you may get to like them!                                      

Heart – One final digital radio station that we do know many people like to tune into is Heart Radio, some well known presenters can be heard on this station and they are best known for playing music form the 80s, 90s and all of today’s greatest music hits.

There are of course plenty of other digital radio stations that you will be able to tune into and listen to and as such always keep your options open! When you first take delivery of your new digital radio make sure you do a complete scan of all of the available stations on that radio as you are guaranteed to find several stations that will appeal to you personally when you do so!