Reducing Your Satellite or Cable TV Subscription Costs

You can often get a little carried away when you first sign up to a Satellite or Cable TV, for with so many different packages on offer you may have signed up for the most expensive one when you first got those TV services installed. And don't forget TV licensing!

Being stuck will the most expensive TV service when and then realising that you rarely if ever watch some of the channels those subscriptions give you access too will of course be a drain on your household budget.

However with most TV subscriptions being renewed annually, that does of course mean that at the end of the subscription period you will be given the option of changing that package deal that is something you should do if you have to make some cutbacks to your monthly outgoings.

When the time does come when your Satellite or Cable TV package up is for renewal than that is the time when you have the power to start haggling with your supplier, and that is when those suppliers are going to be quite flexible in regards to the prices they charge you as they will not want to lose you as a customer.

With that in mind we would like to pass on a few tips to you how you may be able to get exactly the same package you are on now for a much reduced price, or how you can lower the monthly outgoings you are paying for your TV services.

Haggling Down the Price

If you are quite happy with all of the TV channels you are getting and find that you are happy to keep them all but would like to get them for a much reduced cost then as the time approaches for you to renew your TV channel subscription you should phone up the company and tell them that you are looking to make some cutbacks, and may need to cancel the service.

It is at that point that the customer care agent you are talking to will try everything in their power to try and keep you as a customer, which will include offering you a lower priced deal.

Be quite forceful and announce to that person that whilst you do enjoy watching all of the channels on your TV package you do find it quite expensive in regards to your monthly budget and that you would love to keep it but can only afford to pay half of the price you have been paying.

Two things will then happen depending on which company you are dealing with, they may after some persuading agree to cut the cost of your package down by half of what you are paying now or they make offer you a substantial discount on the price you are currently paying, allowing you to keep all of the current channels you have but get them at a much reduced cost.

We have yet to find a company that is not going to offer you some form of cost reduction if you stick with them, and as much try and get the best deal from the support person you are talking to as the rewards will be there if you stick to your guns.

Changing Your Package

There are going to be other ways that you can greatly reduce the cost of your monthly Satellite or Cable TV subscription fees and charges and one way will be for you to select a different package to the one you currently have.

If you find that you never watch the majority of the channels you have access to then make a list of those you do watch and then as the time approaches when you need to renew your Satellite or Cable TV subscription contact that company and explain that you only ever watch the channels you have on your list and you wish to change to a lower priced package that will allow you to watch just those channels.

You will often find that is something they are prepared to do as no company ever wants to lose a customer and will be prepared to swap and change the package you are on to keep you as a paying customer for the next year. Just do make sure that the package you do eventually sign up to allows you to watch the TV channels that you are interested in.

Never make the mistake of automatically renewing your subscription for by doing so you are going to be paying the same amount as you did in the previous year and all companies are prepared to offer you a discount with there now being so much competition around, so haggle as much as you can as the discounts are there for the taking if you do!